Newfound Joy a Hell on Earth, hate mail page 495
So things are really coming to a head here and we draw nearer to page 500! Most importantly, after almost 11 years of smooth sailing, Google has chosen to remove me from their search index. No kidding. Read the sidebar for more on that. Plus, a Christian asks me “why do you hate my parents so much?” A question that forces me to pry into the deep, black pit that is my soul. Hate mail page 495.


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  1. I just searched “Jesus” and got Halloween Jesus Dress Up as the first result, so you still have that going for you. A search for “Normal Bob Smith” results in about a gazillion pages that link directly to or refer to your site, so if some hacker was trying to prevent people from visiting your site they have failed miserably. Otherwise good luck, I am sure there is an egghead out there who knows what to do.

  2. Don’t Worry Bob, I think in Due time they will see it as…”their error”, for doing such a thing.
    your internet presence is too big for them to squash…they will be losing out…and as soon as
    they realize that other ppl are diverting their searches from GOOGLE…they’ll probably
    give you a blow job and a steak or something.

  3. Sorry about the google thingy, I can’t even go to my own blog at the local library because they have filtered blocked out all anti-christian links and curse words, but if you google any christian or jebus material you’re good to go. Apparently Jebus don’t believe in freedom of speech, unless it’s christian. The Bible is the originator of curse words. It’s such a fucking shame we live in a dumbed down christian society!

  4. “After a while of trying to convince someone you love so much about God and His justice and they still don’t listen, the only option for that person is to pray for them; silently pray for them when no one is around and when no one can see, cry and pray and hope someone else can tell them, or make it clear to them somehow.”

    Why is all this begging and pleading and whining to God even necessary? Surely, you should be able to pray just ONCE, and God will hear your prayer and answer it. This is confirmed by the following alleged words of Jesus:

    Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

    John 15:7 If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

    If God wants Bob, or anyone else, to be saved, then he will do it, and Christians should not need to nag him constantly about it. If they do, it is proof that they do not really trust God to do the right thing. Or is God a bit hard of hearing in his old age?

  5. Apostate Lois; thanks for qouting me but the main party is at the part 2 files.. thanks for reading… spread the word.

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