New Game, Find Jesus!

You know how it’s been a while since I’ve updated the site? Well, every so often it happens where I get obsessed with a project and find it almost impossible to focus on anything else. This time the project is a NEW GAME! So, at long last I present to you the FIND JESUS game! The ultimate blasphemous Where’s Waldo parody! And your first search starts you off IN HELL!

So go have fun looking for Jesus. There’ll be rewards beyond your wildest imagination in the weeks & months to come if you do. No kidding, there’s lots more on the way.


6 thoughts on “New Game, Find Jesus!”

  1. Very nice. Once it’s complete, you should think about submitting it to game sites like or

  2. yes bob, YES! More! I knew I was gonna take my hamster to heaven with me, thanks for fulfilling my dreams

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