JDU Distribution News

Lots has been happening here on this end in regards to my 4 newest Jesus Dressups. They’re such a perfectly beautiful collection sitting here before me, it’s hard to contain my excitement, and I’m not the only one! Finally I have STORES (plural) in Michigan! You’ve already heard me talk at length about Puzzle’s. Now I’m thrilled to announce Alpha & Omega Ink in Grand Rapids. You see, it’s one thing to find a place in Michigan, for god’s sake. It’s a whole other when those who work there are just as enthusiastic about them as I. That’s definitely the case with AO Ink. Go see for yourself. And get a tattoo while you’re at it!

The other big happening – I am now collaborating with a charity! Who woulda guessed? And it’s all thanks to my friend from Union Square, Qween Amor.
You see, about a month ago I sent Qween a couple sets of Jesus Dressups as appreciation for her VOLUNTEER evangelizing spreading her love, joy & legs on the streets of New Orleans.
Go visit her Instagram if you really wanna see what I’m talking about.

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence w/Jesus Dressup at Bushwig NYC

Anyhow, upon receiving them she then made this fun little video for her ig. As a result of Qween’s video I was contacted by The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence NYC about collaborating with Jesus Dressup fridge magnets in order to raise money for their charity. You can find out more about them here.

I’m just so super excited about this turn of events, having these back in NYC with true heathens who understand. I couldn’t ask for a more impressive advocates than these wonderful queens. If you see them, go buy my magnets from them!

There are indeed more exciting developments I’m not yet ready to reveal, but stay tuned. This could be another big year for Jesus Dressup.