Conservative Atheist Podcast interview

Conservative Atheist Podcast

There’s a new interview from Saturday with the Conservative Atheist Podcast.
Despite the title it does not get political. We mostly discuss Amazing Strangers. It’s an hour long, so if you’re one of those who’s stressin’ about whether or not I’m returning, you should give it a listen. I share some stories you’ve probably never heard before and get pretty frank about the dangerous situations I experienced. I also reveal the whereabouts of a handful of “secret” videos I’ve had to keep unlisted for various reasons. Click here to listen.

In addition I’ve been creating more Neptune art, now on display at Puzzle’s Oddities. I’ve been LOVING the process of bringing the details of this world to life again. I seem to be given unlimited space at Puzzle’s to show them off so I don’t see me stopping any time soon. Bring on the ink!

Puzzle’s is also the only place in town where you can find my Jesus Dressup magnets, Normal Bob Smith Ministries Pamphlets and any other merchandise you’d want from me. Pay them a visit if you’re in the neighborhood!