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  1. What is it with these people and thinking someone MUST have hurt us? Claiming that we KNOW God exists deep down but we are rejecting him or denying him.

    What is it about non-belief these people just cant grasp? They seem to have no problem with non-belief when it comes to the tens of thousands 0f Gods they don’t believe in.

    I do not and CAN NOT believe in a God, any God, as much as I would like to!
    This seems to be lost on so many people.

    PS: For anyone who cares I’ve mentioned alot that I live in NZ, obviously I’m still here, I don’t live anywhere near Christchurch, and wish everyone down there the best

  2. This so-called “atheist” performs the exact same mental acrobatics as his nemesis, insists his model is the definition just as vehemently, and remains completely oblivious to what he’s doing exactly as any fanatic.

    Survey says: Pop atheism for the emotionally incontinent

  3. I see your tasty little piece of pseudo-cleverness, and I raise you these five letters:

    H – U – M – O – R

    It’s all over this site, and it’s laughing at ya.

  4. Wow, ijostl, I’m stunned by the penetrating insight of your analysis, the clarity of your arguments and the powerful intellect they testify of.

    Oh, wait, no I’m not, because you didn’t actually make anything resembling an argument, but just engaged in some clumsy false equivalence and tried to make up for lack of substance by thickly applying condescension.

    Care to try again?

  5. Ahem, for consistency, I think ya meant:

    9)… *condone* slavery

    Cuz the biblical deity I know didn’t *condemn* slavery anywhere (that I’m aware of, that is)…

    Anyhoos, the ‘atheist has judgment day, every day’ idea is awesome. I’m gonna use that one. Again, a masterful piece of work, Bob! I thought you were going to just throw your hands up and say ‘too many questions! NEXT!’ at some point, but I’m glad you didn’t.

  6. Come on, guys! ijostl is just doing what Bob says — mock people you think are crazy. It doesn’t matter that he’s completely incorrect!

    Oh, by the way, ijostl, you’re really bad at disguising a paraphrase of something you’ve read (and didn’t apparently understand). Try again.

  7. Bob your patience amazes me! keep up the good work, it is appreciated.
    With love from England

  8. ijostl –

    You used scare quotes around the word “atheist”, as if Bob is only pretending. Bob’s been around for over 10 years, buddy. He’s the real deal. Congratulations, ijostl! You’ve just managed to sound like an uneducated pseudo-intellectual!

  9. “you will not be able to save yourself. you are not a saviour”

    Is anyone else reminded of Futurama’s Santa Claus telling Bender he can’t possibly be Santa and deliver presents all over the world because he wasn’t “built to Yuletide specifications”?

  10. “I am fascinated by the prices people pay for believing there’s a better life after this one.”

    This right here is one of the things that got me. There are still woo-isty afterlife ideas I like better than others, but I finally came to the conclusion that I have no better claim to certainty about such matters than any Christian, Muslim, or what have you. The fact that I like my beliefs does not stand as a reasonable substitute for evidence. And claims to certainty about such matters lead to lots of demonstrable evil and man’s inhumanity to man in the real world. Thus, thoughts of gods or the afterlife are entirely worthless to consider until some kind of real evidence turns up. Until then, this world is the only reality we can have any kind of certainty of, and we should not sacrifice demonstrable reality for any kind of unevidenced fantasyland, no matter how good it might sound.

    Kind of like when your parents warn you not to go with a stranger, no matter how much he promises to give you ice cream and puppies, because you won’t get ice cream or puppies, you’ll just get dead. The only difference is that ice cream and puppies actually exist and can be procured by dangerous people to display to a young victim as bait, while believers have only their fantastic claims and their desperate hope that you won’t notice.

    Well, there’s that. I also had to come to the realization that just because something sounds plausible to me or anyone else does not stand as evidence that it is true. Like in a trial, it may be plausible that John killed Tina, but you still have to prove he really did it.

  11. Demonhype –

    Actually, if you delve deep into physics and philosophy, you’ll find that you can’t even be certain about the reality we currently find ourselves in.

    Atoms are infinitesimally small, and as small as they are, they are mostly empty space. Using the transitive property, you’ll find that most of reality is also mostly empty space. The monitor you’re viewing this on is mostly empty space. Even though certain objects “feel” solid, they’re mostly empty space. The only thing keeping your hand from moving through a solid object is the electrons in both your hand and the object in question repelling each other. When you touch an object, you’re not really touching the object. The electrons in your hands are being repelled by the electrons in the object you’re touching.

    Think back to where you were 10 years ago. Do you remember anything you were doing 10 years ago? Try to remember every nuance of the experience, the smells, sights, sounds, etc. Since that point in time, every single atom in your body has been replaced. You are literally not the same person you were 10 years ago. You have none of the same atoms in your body.

    If you have a car, and you replace every single part of the car, is it the same car when it’s all said and done?

    I could go on and on about the weirdness of the universe, but for the sake of brevity, I’m going to shut the fuck up now. 🙂

  12. @Vashti – Believe it or not, things can actually bypass your ability to parse and no I won’t translate for you. Suffice it to note that the neo-atheist refutes anthropomorphic models and in doing so is performing the same mental tricks upon itself as her nemesis.

    @Alice Priest – What am I “incorrect” about, and what is this “disguising a paraphrase of something you’ve read (and didn’t apparently understand)” accusation? Are you suggesting my thoughts are not my own? Clarify what you think and I’ll explain how you’re mistaken.

    @AngryHuman – said “You’ve just managed to sound like an uneducated pseudo-intellectual” but you forgot to add “*TO ME*” and perhaps those who share your models and emotions. The quotes weren’t asserting that 13013 isn’t being genuine as you seem to insist, but rather that this sort of anti-anthropomorphism isn’t truly “atheistic”, as it performs the same mental acrobatics as her nemesis.

    Coincidentally, the inability to separate the word from the idea, or even as is the case with 99.9% of so-called “atheists” I’ve ever heard rants from – the inability to separate anthropomorphic constructs from their conviction; it truly resembles the fanaticism of their so-called antithesis.

    The emotions behind these ineffable convictions will often lead some of these so-called “atheists” through the exact same emotional reflexes as any fanatic to exact revenge upon anyone who dare mock the ineffable infallibility of their own model just as quickly as any inquisition mascot. For example, 13013 has placed my comment under “hate mail”. That’s what the fake Christians do when you question their version of Christianity.

  13. Also: red cross/red crescent donations to Japan relief are in order for anyone who claims to care about human beings.

  14. You’ve got some nerve, my dear No-True-Scotsman. But how unsurprising at the same time, to see yet another believer using someone else’s suffering to further their own goal. Let people give according to their needs and from their own volition. If there is indeed a ‘god’, it has certainly provided us humans with a great many causes to be worrying about. Way too many, I’d say, and it is simply unreasonable to expect everyone to give of their time or money to every cause. And do I have to remind you that according to your beliefs (assuming your are a Christian, yes?), these human beings are deserving of eternal damnation, just like atheists – which they are too, in a way, merely for not adhering to your nonsensical wishful thinking.

  15. @The Praying Atheist
    No my friend, all the contextual framework you’ve built and every assertion you’ve made is completely in err and missed every point attempted.

    This is how most males are, framing things into a context that makes sense to them and like a fanatic *believing* that their constructed opinion is something other than the wanton, unbridled appetites birthing such conviction, making excuses for dropping bombs on women and children. Behold the Inquisition Mascot! Ready to burn some poor botanist at the stake whilst convinced of their personal, ineffable infallibility to parse every word.

    Do everyone a favor please and take a vow of non-violence forever.

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