Hate Mail pg 434 now dedicated to Jay the Mountain Framer!

I’m very excited about the latest addition to my Hate Mail section. He just couldn’t let it go, he had to try and draw blood, now Jay “the Mountain Framer” is this week’s featured page of Hate Mail! Part 2 has just been added to the spitting mad Jay the Mountain Framer files!”

And when you’re finished, visit his homepage at mountainframer.com “Great work at a fair price!”


39 thoughts on “Hate Mail pg 434 now dedicated to Jay the Mountain Framer!”

  1. Wow, if that’s the caliber of people I can expect from his neck of the woods… I’m already packing my bags! I love people who use their work email to send this nonsense.

  2. Well the main thing here is that Jay is going to Heaven and all the rest of us is going to Hell, not because we want to go to hell, but because we choose to go to hell.

    Ya see, the issue is thrown out to us like little crumbs and bits of self-righteousness and it’s up to us to pick them up and run with them and proudly display them to the un-believers like Jay has chosen to do and for those whom buy into the ignorant nonsense will go to heaven and those who can see through the ignorant shit will go to hell.

    It’s a win-win situation for the ignorant fools or so they think it is…duh!

  3. I was just thinking this guy needed an honorary AOL address. A quick peek at his website reveals he already has one. Figures.

  4. Question: If your entire memory is wiped when you get to Heaven, what is the point of it being “you” that goes there? You would lack the frame of reference for considering yourself as yourself, meaning that whatever meaning your existence as a mortal may have held is gone. Thus, why does mortal existence occur? So you make what a mountain framer (and what does a mountain framer do exactly? try to get mountains arrested for the actions of molehills?) considers to be the most important choice possible, only to spend eternity wothout any knowledge of what you chose or that there was ever a choice in the first place?

  5. Since he has a phone number on his site, does this mean it’s time for a normalbobsmith prank calls section?

  6. Wow!! If those emails were not in the words of an ignorant fundamentalist, then I don’t know what is. This man is clearly deluded as are the rest of his fellow believers. One thing I hated when I was a theist so many years ago was the continual threats for not accepting Jesus at his word. Not taking kindly to authority I eventually kicked theism to the curb and saw it for what it was, a farce. Even if heaven was real I don’t find the fact that we have to kiss gods ass for eternity in the least bit alluring. People like Jay are just like their god, self righteous arrogant pricks.

  7. According to the Bible, a person would be better off lying, cheating, stealing, raping women and little children and murder and then ask jesus to forgive them and go to heaven, than it would be to try to lead a good life and not believe in a god or jesus and do no harm to anyone and then be sent to hell.

  8. All religious beliefs are based on fictional tales. God does not exist and neither does hell or heaven. Freud was right to call the Christian lot delusional.

  9. Oh, the old excuse of “I’m not perfect, just forgiven.” This gives Jay permission to be as much of a douchenozzle as he wants to be and still get to heaven. Each time he sins, he just says, “Dear Jesus, please forgive me,” and he is free to keep on sinning! This is just one more proof–as if we needed any–that Christians abhor taking responsibility for their actions. They don’t like owning up to their faults, mistakes, bad judgment, lack of morals, and generally unpleasant behavior. They don’t like the idea that, if they hurt someone, they must apologize and make amends, not to Jesus, but to the person they hurt. They don’t like the idea of having to change their ways to correct a fault in their personality or attitude. All of this requires WORK, and it is much easier just to pray to Jesus for forgiveness than to make any real changes in their lives. Jay is evidence of where this eventually leads.

  10. Sez Jay:


    More than half, probably. Only most of those are children, ignorant and maybe a little spoiled, and many of them will grow out of it. Let’s just hope that there are enough of us responsible adults to keep things going, hmmm?


    You know what’s delicious to me? The fact that this is the same kind of deluded dipshit that will easily, in the very next breath, tell you that he’s in an oppressed minority. It takes a special kind of insanity to be a Really Truly Real and True Christian ™. Trying to reconcile the kind of inconsistent shit these people manage to hold in their heads simultaneously would make my own head explode within half a minute.

  12. “Ya know boob…er uh bob? You said that their are those who can’t believe that there are people like me??? ROFLMAO!!! AT LEAST HALF THE NATION IS JUST LIKE ME BOB…”

    This sucks because it’s true. Yikes.

  13. It doesn’t matter to me what people think Bob, and you’re right God says that every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord! This means that if you are not willing to do it freely, YOU WILL be forced to do it.

    Doesn’t that just show much of a dictator this Jesus douche is? He would make you confess him despite the fact that you’re aware of his atrocities – much like Hitler forcing the people of the concentration camps to profess him as Fuhrer before sending them to their fiery death. Somehow, I wonder why it is that Hitler DIDN’T take that step from the End Times Playbook. I mean, he got the rest of heaven down properly, a principality where no one questions him and any dissent warrants torture. The only thing like it nowadays is North Korea. In fact, North Korea has improved on Hitler’s vision – they actually have a dead, but still actively seen as, Head of State. How’s that not different than the Christian’s worship and adoration of their dead douche-leader. I mean, other than the fact that the North Korean people don’t worship how he died too…

    The thing that scares me is that in his parting comment, he’s right about one thing – half of the nation is like him. They’ve been duped into believing a bronze-age fairy tale and do some really sick shit to appease their make believe god. Everything from disowning their gay children to opposing the development of any scientific theory through their hordes of mindless sheep. They oppose women’s rights, gay rights, the rights of anyone that isn’t white, straight, cissexual male and Christian.

  14. Half the nation is just like him? Possibly the most accurate thing this little weirdo said! i dont know how you live with those crazy people Bob, every country has its religious wackos but USA, Saudi Arabia, etc…you guys take the cake!
    At least you live in NYC i guess though, there must be some sanity there (and at least far more entertaining and varied forms of insanity aswell!)


  15. I’ve just found out that googling my name returns a directory to your very sick website Bob. I’m asking you to remove it! Even though it is well within your constitutional rights to do so, such postings are the work of the lowest form of human garbage! Whether you remove it or not,please know that in Jesus name, I forgive you Bob. You and all the poor mis-guided souls who are your “fans” have no idea what’s waiting for you the second after your heart stops! I hope you will realize it before its eternally too late!!

  16. “I hope you rot in hell and burn burn burn suffering unfathomable torment for a hundred-billion years for being such a faggot with your kiddy porn and animal mutilation videos!!
    …Oh, by the way, could I ask you to do me a favor and take my emails down?”
    That’s, of course, you being hilarious.

    You’re my website’s wet dream, Jay.
    I suggest you simply find a way to be proud of the things you say & do because you’re going to find out the hard way it’s virtually impossible to avoid yourself. I suggest getting hooked on sleeping pills. They’ll be your best friend during this life.

  17. And I’m going to help!! You sooo enjoy prancing around NYC in your ridiculous little devil attire and I’m so glad that you’re bright red in it Bob!! An unmistakable target!! Ever heard of Lars Vilks? He’s the guy in Sweden who drew a cartoon portraying the Prophet Muhammed as a dog. Now half of Islam has a contract on his life and he’s in hiding!!! Well, I spent most of today hooking you up with my new Muslim friends (many in NYC)!! I know that you’re so proud of your shitty little website, so I gave them all your addy and invited them to go DRESS UP MOHAMMED… as a PIG!! I’ve received replies graciously thanking me for the info but they couldn’t call you anything nicer than a “mother fucker!!”(Sorry Bob) To give you even more noteriety, Ive sent a similar message to the email of an islamic gentleman with the NY Times!! He may help you become even more famous!! Now..let’s just see if you have the balls to leave “dress up Mohammed” on your website!! No use in pulling.it now, its probably already too late!! You may want to make your peace with Jesus before you head back out Bob!But then again, youve blasphemed the Holy Spirit?? tsk tsk!! Oh..by the way? My Muslim friends in NYC know that you hang out in Grant Park and they know what you look like!! ;~). As one Union General noted after his first Civil War battle: “I think that we’ve vastly underestimated these southerners” Good Luck you Shmuck!! Hahahahhahahahaha!!

  18. Why use your infidel “friends”, Jay? Is your god that helpless? – Seriously now, is there a single thing in your life that is not make-believe?

  19. Bite me praying athiest and your hero bob is begging me via Face Book now,”wah wah wah” “Please Jay, don’t send any of my information out to the muslims..wah wah wah!! I’m scared I might get hurt!! Wah wah wah!!” Well its too freakin late!! I sent his web address all over the world yesterday and if he doesn’t undo the google link with my name on it, I’m emailing every mosque in NYC!! He thinks that we southerners are “slack jawwed inbreds” capable of nothing!! We’ll see!! He’s about to have an islamic jihad called down on his ass!! The rest of you dickless trailor trash atheistic assholes can mind your own damned business!!! NO MORE TRICKS BOB!!!

  20. Nostalgic much of old barbaric ways, Jay? You do know that amidst those hysterical ramblings of yours, one can read a call for murder, right? And for what?…

    But since you probably couldn’t care less about that, let me put it this way: every new post of yours is also going to stay there for Google to find now. In other words, you are only making it worse and worse for yourself. – “…such postings are the work of the lowest form of human garbage!” Yes indeed. But we got it now. You don’t have to go on forever making an ass of yourself. – And Bob is not my “hero”. He’s just awesome.

  21. No JERK-OFF!! If anybody murders that stupid bastard, it will be no ones fault but his!! What kind of a dumb-ass dildoe douche-bag lives in a major metropolis and deliberately trys to piss off the Muslims especially with what’s happening in the world right now??? If I were you? I’d try to set up another place to have sex with him!! If he doesn’t pull that link, things might get a little “hot” around his house!!! You can pass this on to him..after 12pm tomorrow, I’m calling the Islamic Culture Center there in NYC and see if they’ll help me shut his whole website down!! As for you..F.O.!!!

  22. Look..all I’ve asked Bob to do is to remove the google link that has my name on it. That’s all and he goes on about his business and I mine. My family friends and customers see that link!! No telling how much its costing me. No he’s whining to me and begging me not to go public. Its his choice. He’s scared right now and I don’t blame him. I’m sure that he’s already getting hate-mail and threats already. If he has any common sense at all he would remove Mohammed Dress-up from his site and take my name from that link. Piss on your heroe!! After tomorrow he might not be able to wear his devil suit in public!!

  23. If anything remotely happens to Bob, you’ve done left your foot print all over the internet and now Bob has a right to ger the FBI involved because even though you’ve made idle threats you’ve used the internet to post those threats so now you’ll most likely be getting visits from the FBI and they will put you in the nut house exactly where you belong! Now go suck jesus’ dead cock, you religious turd head!

  24. Well now…where is Bob or should I say “what about bob!” Hahaha!! He’s not posting replies now??? To all of you punk fans of his…I’m not physically threatening Bob and Im way down here in Dixie!! Bob has posted anti-islamic rhetoric on a PUBLIC DOMAIN and signed his name to it!!! Sooner or later its going to bite his ass big time!!

  25. Bobs not posting or answering emails. The Muhadeen might have already gotten his worthless ass!! Hhahahahahahaha!!

  26. My family friends and customers see that link!

    And why, pray tell, do you not want them to see it?

  27. Jay, let me enlighten you, if that is even possible. While you may feel that Bob has an unfair “upper hand” on you by posting your hateful words, trying to requisition religious hitmen is not only absurd but will get you in far more trouble than a Google search. If you are ashamed of having your dialogues posted, you should probably try to apologize for having said the hateful words, since they exist now. Then, your apology will be on the record. Be a real man about this.

  28. Jay has his whole reputation at stake as being a fair minded and honest “True Christian” that he like so many of his religious cohorts, have falsely portrayed themselves in front of so many other pretentious Christians (and his false god) that he is afraid they will Google up his name and they will see him for just what a self-righteous two-faced lying hypocrite he really is. If Jay is a “True Christian”, then I’m the Prime Minister Of China!

  29. Anyone else try and click on Jay’s website and get a 404 message?

    File not found. *snerk* How about “the love of Christ” not found.

  30. Jay:

    You must be an incredibly retarded, moronic, inbred trailer-trash hillbilly fucktard to honestly expect Bob to take your emails down. First of all, you started the whole thing! You emailed him first, not the other way around. And it is well within his rights to post your grammatically incorrect inane babblings, especially since you’ve threatened physical violence against him.

    I hope you do lose your job and that double-wide you’ve been working for your entire life. Serves you right for being a hypocritical shit-stain.

    People from the south are so fucking dumb…

  31. Why is it that you godless atheistic liberal communist left wing nut-jobs always preach equality and tolerance yet you condone the behavior of an imbecile like bob? I don’t understand jewish or islamic beliefs but I respect them. How is a muslim person supposed to feel when they see a pig suit or flaming airplane on Muhammad?? Bob even calls it “dangerous blasphemy.” He knows it could get him killed and he does it anyway?? ABnormal Bob is a parasite feeding off the anger that he stirs in others and any of you who support him are merely
    maggots on top of the parasite!

  32. Jay:

    I get the vibe that you’re an uneducated moron who doesn’t understand what the word communist means, so here’s a definition:

    Communist: a social structure in which, theoretically, classes are abolished and property is commonly controlled, as well as a political philosophy and social movement that advocates and aims to create such a society.

    I’m a firm believer in classes. For instance, I don’t like the idea that someone as uneducated as yourself could be considered my equal. Therefore, I can’t be a communist. You are an idiot.

    You see, I don’t preach equality and tolerance. I have no tolerance for stupidity, and I shudder at the thought of someone like you being considered my equal. Someone who calls Bob, “ABnormal Bob,” as if it’s an original insult. I, myself, have seen countless moronic, imbecilic Christards such as yourself call him by that name and chuckle like it’s the most original goddamn insult they’ve ever heard.

    You, sir, are a moron. Now go back to your trailer and shut the fuck up. No one cares what you have to say.

  33. Hey! Here’s a question for all you “godless atheistic liberal communist left wing nut-jobs”! Or, just, you know, atheists. Jay’s little category name is pretty specific, but I’m pretty sure he meant all atheists, in his own silly way.

    Q: Do you go to anti-atheist websites and blubber on about how hurt you are and then threaten the people who put out the website, and also go to great lengths to make an ass out of yourselves?

    …didn’t think so. Sorry, Jay, looks like you’re the nut job.

  34. You make a valid point, Alice. I’ve been to many anti-atheist websites and have never once been tempted to do that, mainly because I think those websites are so ridiculous that it’s not worth my time to do so. Speaking out against them just lets them win. You see, every time a “Christian” does what Mr. Jay the Redneck Nutjob does, we win. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that he’s only fueling the fire every time he talks his trash. We enjoy watching them squirm!

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