Hate mail from a Healing Vessel!

Last week I received a nasty complaint letter to which I responded in a less than dignified manner. What transpired is an emotional rollercoaster of vicious words, then declorations of divinity, followed closely by my complete and utter submission to claims of super powers! The Brandon Galles files. Are the complete, or have they just begun?


11 thoughts on “Hate mail from a Healing Vessel!”

  1. Brandon reminds me of the folks at my brothers church. I wrote Bob an email not long ago about my brothers church brethren making my mother leave my gravely ill aunts side because she was a non believer and the strife it has caused my nuclear family. Brandons email where he says everyone around him must be a believer is rich! It’s as if they are saying ” when jesus proves himself it is only to those that believe” yet they consistently always tell us to ask jesus to reveal himself to us and he will(been there, done that, didn’t work). It is a fail safe, I believe, in the sense that they can always believe that they can use the whole ” well you don’t believe so you won’t see” line of reason. It’s ignorance, at best, for those with less evolved logic than some, and it is manipulation and deciept for those who are just smart enough to know how to do so.

  2. Hahaha Bob! Too funny.

    I’m sure you know this already, but people like Brandon are the majority in this country. Most Christians really are this self-deluded. What simply amazes me is that these sorts of delusions are considered “normal” in the context of “spirituality,” but anyone who does not share this particular set of beliefs, yet has similar delusions, is considered mentally ill.

    Talk about hypocrisy…

  3. Well after reading Brandon’s comments, it seems that god, (which ever god?) needs to work through prayer requests and fasting of human beings on earth, because god, (which ever all-knowing god?) just doesn’t know who needs to be healed until a born-again xtian intercessions an appeal to the one true xtian god, until that time, god (which ever god?) he/she has not a single clue whom to heal, and if you’ll just hold off on one extra meal a day to show this god just how much you’re willing to sacrifice yourself just out of pure selflessness he will grant you your very wishes.

    Now, the very same god whom is the creator of the entire universe and the creator of every living thing, and has total control over everything that there is, including him/her being the creator and controller of all diseases and death, and is also responsible for creating and has total control over Satan and all evil forces in the whole universe, yet he/she chooses not to have control over every living being unless a xtian prays and denies himself a good wholesome meal.

    So who really is in charge here, is it god of the bible, or is it the true believing xtians?

    And why is it that the very same god will not heal amputees?

    With all the real true believing christians in America, there is really no need for hospitals, or doctors, or medical insurance, it’s just christians they are just too damned to lazy to pray and fast, with the excepton of Brandon and he should be commended, because he is going to bust those pearly white gates wide open the very moment he dies and be sitting on the right hand of god and into the bosom of jebus.


  4. Yay! What a fun page! Brandon said he had “solid proof” of God’s existence, but where is it? “Solid” implies something he can show us–photographs or whatever. Instead we get this tale of the following people being healed:

    1.) Guy with sore knees
    2.) Guy with a sore back
    3.) Woman with painful arthritis
    4.) Deaf man

    The first three can be explained as cases of mind-over-matter. The brain has remarkable healing abilities, to the point you can convince yourself that some part of you doesn’t hurt anymore; plus, there are hormones that are released that will dull the pain. Problem is, the pain will return later on as the hormones are no longer released and you lose whatever mental powers resulted in overcoming the pain. Did he do any follow-up on these people to find out if they were still pain-free six months later? Were any x-rays taken that could be compared with x-rays taken before the “healing”? Was a diagnosis given before the healings took place, and if so, by what doctors and from which hospital?

    The fourth example could have been psychosomatic in nature. Again, what kind of diagnosis was given, by whom, and from which medical institution? What was the cause of the man’s deafness? Were any tests done before and after, and the results compared? Without this information, no definite conclusions can be drawn. This is not “solid evidence,” but merely an anecdote, and we are being asked to accept Brandon’s word for it that something amazing happened. IOW, we are being asked to have faith.

    Brandon wrote: “How do I not know that Satan is doing this? I call myself a Christian, not because of it’s (religion), but because of my relationship with Him.”

    How does one have a relationship with an invisible being? To me, a relationship means you interact with the other person–talk on the phone or via e-mail, go to movies, have dinner, plan fun stuff, and all the other things you do with a friend. If I said that I had a relationship with a person that I had never seen, met, or talked to, people would think I was nuts! Yet a Christian can say they have a relationship with an invisible deity that they have never seen, met, or talked to, and we are supposed to respect that. Why the difference?

  5. Thanks for the e-mails in the sidebar. It’s nice, once and a while, to see how much your site has helped people and that creationists can change. Those e-mails were every bit as heartwarming as the stories of people healing with prayer or God saving one old lady on an airplane that crashed killing hundreds.

  6. I guess now I understand why little children are born without spines or have their heart exposed or are terribly, terribly deformed. It’s so hospitals don’t go out of business! So those whiny parents in the hospitals should be glad. Whiny, whiny parents and whiny cancer children!

    …if only they knew of the mystical deeds of Satya Sai Baba!

  7. Oh, I was wondering. I have an “inter” disease that I cannot afford to treat. It is entirely curable, and easily controlled through insulin and other drugs. I have adult onset diabetes. It could kill me, I could lose my feet or my eyesight. My left foot is already half numb, but I cannot get approved for work insurance.

    Maybe your friend could pray for me. I would be therefore obliged to serve God the rest of my days. I mean, if even Man can control this disease, surely prayer from this powerful vessel could help me?

    Thanks in advance, and Praise Bob…I mean, “Jesus.”

  8. I can’t believe I missed out on this guy when I was in Cali. I’ve got this terrible case of herpes, and only God can fix it for me. That’s an “inter” problem right?

    OK…I’m kidding about the herpes, but Jesus Christ Monkey Balls Brandon…seek professional help.

  9. “you treat him lower than dirt, when He should treat us lower than dirt’

    Yes indeed, we should all be burning in Hell right now, because of two people who refused to obey the bible god thousands of year ago, because they ate from a tree, perhaps they were hungry or just curious, who the fuck cares, the main thing is that Jebus arrived oh 2000 years ago to save our nasty and filthy rotten souls from Hell so that the believers like Brandon can feel superior to those who are not as easily fooled and mentally short-changed as Brandon is….Fuck jebus and his daddy!

  10. I love it how people claim to cure others through prayer, yet there’s never any documented evidence to show that it actually happened. And even if these four “miracle cures” did actually happen, it’s probably due to placebo effect more than anything else. Unfortunately placebo effect isn’t lasting and the conditions always return.

    Until I see documented proof of someone regrowing an amputated limb through prayer, I’ll remain skeptical of any & all claims of “faith healing.”

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