5 thoughts on “Going Number Two on Jesus”

  1. Christians always like to claim our greatest thinkers as their own. It’s pathetic. They are parasites. Christianity isn’t exactly known for producing intellectuals.

  2. I was also upset about Hitchens’ cancer diagnosis. He has no illusions about his chances of survival: if the chemo and drugs don’t work, he is going to die. He is facing his future with realism and bravery, not running away crying to the nearest imaginary deity that might hold his hand and offer him free room and board in some make-believe Never-Never Land.

    Already, there are websites devoted to praying for Hitchens–some for his death, and some for him to repent and turn to God. Why can’t Christians ever pray for someone to just be able to die with a sense of dignity, self worth, and respect after having lived a life of strong convictions? But of course, that’s not what the Bible is about, it’s all about cowering before God in abject fear of the punishment he will inflict if you don’t obey his every little whim. Those who throw off such nonsense and offer it the mockery it rightfully deserves, can expect curses from those who don’t.

  3. bob (or whoever you maybe be) behind your mask,
    on the serious side (I am sure you have one) this old life is really short. when the party is
    over, the Doc breaks you the news, the end comes near. eternity in hell, is a long time.
    it says God wont be mocked. you know He will win in the end. I sure dont hate you, but I
    sure would hate to be you. consider your ways, while you are amoungst the living. If you
    curse Him , he will depart. If you praise Him he will be there.

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