Free Hugs Nazi bullies Jeremy (Free Rubs)

A lot of people may not know the back story of Jeremy (Free Rubs) and the Free Hugs Nazi. Quite simply, the Free Hugs Nazi runs the Free Hugs movement at Union Square, and Rubs isn’t one of his employees. Free Hugs Nazi sells shirts, buttons, and teas (yes, a Free Hugs tea) and other Free Hugs products, as well as renting out signs to kids. In short the Free Hugs Nazi takes the whole Free Hugs movement very, very seriously. It’s his business (Light Source Inc.).
Jeremy however does more totally free hugging at the park in one day than the Nazi and all of his flunkies combined do annually! Which is why he falls squarely under the Nazi’s radar. And ever since Jeremy got in the New York Times for throwing a can at a girl who refused his hug, the Nazi has taken more aggressive steps to de-sign Jeremy.

Of course Jeremy has his own history of rubbing up on girls, but he’s a good kid, dealing with Autism.
The video below is of the Free Hugs Nazi intimidating Jeremy. It was my pleasure to present Jeremy with an Official Light Source trademarked Free Hugs sign of his very own.

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