Dana Pospíšilová Part 2, Mocking your way towards Truth!

Dana Pospíšilová is back in a Part 2
addition on Mockery, and its value in the hunt for truth! Have I stumbled upon one of the 3 golden keys that unlock truth, or am I just making excuses? I’m so entrenched in hate mail responding I don’t even know anymore, so your feedback, as always, is welcome.


5 thoughts on “Dana Pospíšilová Part 2, Mocking your way towards Truth!”

  1. That last response was one of the best I’ve ever seen. Mockery of idiotic religious notions really works! A good example is when you see the anti-gay-marriage nutters holding up their dumb signs and shouting their ignorant slogans, and the pro-gay folks are right there with them, meeting their stupidity not with violence, but with mockery, laughter, and absurdity. And this is photographed and filmed, and the pictures and videos end up on various websites where millions around the world can laugh at the religious morons with their ridiculous, primitive, superstitious notions. It is good to live in a nation where mockery of the ridiculous is not outlawed!

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