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So, I am at ASU and really having a good time. It’s been super freaking hot, especially considering they had snow yesterday morning back at home. And even more so if you’re the one dressed up in full red devil make-up and a tuxedo.

When I think about it there’s really been a lot accomplished this week. I’ve been getting tons of footage of the campus preachers and the craziness that abounds when they get to the square. They set up right in front of the atheist booth… or is it the atheists who set up across from them? I got the most amazing footage of a preacher fight! No kicking or punching, but about 8 minutes of verbal bitch slapping between two fundie preachers that’s just priceless. And I have to admit the students here do a fine job on their own handling the never ending onslaught of wacky preachiness, and don’t need my help at all in putting them all back in their place. Yeah, there’s lots of footage I need to go through, and I;ll be posting it in the days and weeks to come. You’ll love it.

We also had a couple showings of Bob Smith, USA. One at the Anarchist’s Library and the other on campus. The one night before last on campus with most of the club members was the most enjoyable for me. Everyone was excited to see it, there was lots of friendly story telling before and after the film, and the accommodations were exquisite! It was an extremely nostalgic viewing of it for me. I’m sure that had everything to do with the fact that the first time I ever saw the movie it was in a theater almost identical to the one we were in. It was a luxurious viewing room with sofa seats, mood lighting, and at that time,  the director, a bunch of fancy industry big wigs, and an extremely hot/crazy girlfriend. Oh, the memories.

On Wednesday not only did I have a wonderful photoshoot with Broken Image Photography in downtown Phoenix, but I also finally got to meet Super Chic Rix who drove up for the shoot and drinks afterwards! She’s so unbelievably hot and sweet, and I’ll soon be reposting her in Super Chics in all her glory. RIx, me and Melenie (the girl who’s letting me sleep on her sofabed) all went out and had some of the best burgers ever and, later, some beers at Monkey Pants. I have the most unbelievable picture of me looking like the biggest fuckin’ pimp in Arizona… no offense to the lovely ladies!

Last night the Freethought Group has a kind of “town meeting” that included not only everyone from the group but also the preacher Brother Jed ( and his family, and several others from their side of the fence. Brother Jed gave a speech explaining why he thought believing in his god fit squarely with reason. Then I gave a speech (which is not my specialty) and there was Q&A afterwards. I was told later that I said something that made some of the group cringe. During my Q&A I was asked by someone from the religious half of the room how believing the universe came from nothing is any more reasonable than believing it was created by a Supreme Being. In my response I stated that it seemed obvious that a magical wizard coming from nothing was far more unreasonable than a pebble coming from nothing (or something to that extent). I realize now looking back why that would make the group cringe, and it didn’t come out like I meant. Part of me knows not to ever make any claim or statement in answer to “how did we come from nothing?” question. Needless to say, I was a bit embarrassed that I’d made them wince, and I don’t want to make that mistake again.

Anyhow, tonight they’re having an “Unholy Army” party that I’m looking forward to. I wonder if there’s anything I can do or bring that’d show them all how much I appreciate this whole experience? I’ll have to think.


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  1. People always get hung up on this question of where *everything* came from.

    We clearly have no information concerning where the “Big Bang” came from. (We can at least all agree that THAT existed, right? Maybe not for some…) Given that we (and I mean “we” in the broadest sense of the word) have no information whatsoever, you can make whichever assumption you like since there’s no way to prove or disprove the claim. Here, let’s try some:

    – We came from All Knowing Space Monkeys.
    – We live on the back of a Tortoise.
    – The universe is really Winnie The Pooh’s eyeball. (Creepy!)
    – The universe sprang into existence due to a law of physics at a higher-order dimension.
    – The universe was created specifically by YHWH. (Okay… sure…)
    – The due to its complexity, the universe is not an entity that can be “caused” into existence, and can appear and disappear in a probabilistic manner.

    There. I just stated a number of assumptions I could make about the nature of “where” the Universe came from, and nobody can prove any of those statements true or false. So, let’s all stop kidding ourselves about the assumptions that we’re making and help everyone understand they are just those – assumptions. I think what ticks me off the most though is the religious person who then proceeds to argue about their own arbitrary assumptions that they’ve made with the premise that they’re automatically right.

    I always like reminding people of the fact that they are arguing for an ultimate cause that they don’t know actually exists (they suppose that this is the case), based on an the assumption of an invisible force, and then play make-believe that they can talk to it.

  2. If we die as a baby, do we stay a baby forever in heaven?

    If we marry more than once, which spouse do we meet in heaven? Which one shares our golden mansion?

    I just heard these from someone who had his finger on the pulse of the level of thought of the average christian. I love them.

    I had an answer to how we know information about heaven and Jesus and stuff like that if it’s not in the bible. This is something most christians believe, and something you have to know. He (the Mormon boy who came to my door) said that you pray to get information. So that’s how they know stuff about all the material pleasures of heaven. If they tell you they’ll get back to you on a question, it’s not to go find it in the bible, it’s to pray until they make up good-sounding information for you. Christians apparently have access to revealed information that we don’t have. That’s why they can know everything and not be smart.

    I sometimes forget about the fervent belief in revealed truth. That’s the whole reason we should be afraid of Christians in office. It’s why the christian complaint that atheists think they know everything is not right at all. We think that we don’t know everything but that the possibility exists, through the scientific method, to find out information eventually. Christians don’t have to know, but if they want to, they can make anything up. So in fact they indirectly think they know everything.

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