Donkey Kong/The 3rd Elevator level

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Okay, now this may not sound important to you, ’cause it ain’t no savin’ a kid from being child-molested or anything, but they just put in a Donkey Kong arcade game in my coffee shop the other day, and like a day hasn’t gone by since my 15th b-day, I’m addicted to the goddamn thing again. And wouldn’t you know it, I still rock at it too! I can get to the third level of elevators with 85,000 points! But I have a problem. I can’t for the 3 lives of me figure out how to get by those springy, pogo things on the 3rd elevator level!

On the first one they’re slow and you can let them jump over you, run by the ladder, let them jump over you while you’re closer to the base of the ladder, then run with one while it’s over your head to the ladder, climb up while the next one just skims your ass, and save the girl. And on the 2nd level of elevators you do the same thing, but you gotta cut it even closer where you actually touch the pogo things (because they’re way faster) but they’re not quite close enough to kill you, scurry up the ladder just barely getting tagged by the things! BUT on the 3rd level of elevators THEY’RE JUST TOO DANG FAST!!!!! There’s no way through ’em! I’ve even gotten to that level with 3 lives before and I can’t figure it out! It’s fucking madness! The creators are fucking with us! Don’t they HAVE to make it win-able?

And I’ve searched on Google for the answers but it’s just too old a game now. No one givers a flying fuck about Donkey Kong and the elevator level any more! So does anyone out there know anything about this? Is there some other way up that ladder? Can you jump the pogos? Is there some way to stop them or something? What’s the secret! I’m dyin’ out here! I gotta get 90,000 points! I gotta FEEL what that’s like!


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  2. Wendel really has outdone himself. I wonder how much effort he puts into these outfits, and what he’s thinking when he makes them.
    I had to laugh when I saw your scene kid photo of inna and dayday (sp?) covering his face, guess he is tired of you labeling him a scene kid (though what else you would call him I don’t know) The one time I was spotted on your site I was labeled as a scene kid as well, which gave me a good laugh. Now I know you’re probably thinking yeah right, no one admits to being a scene kid, but I can’t hold conversation with any of them for more then about five minutes (& I think most of them feel the same about me), I don’t dress in reflective shiny anything, & my hair is usually a total unkept mess. Aside from my constant blazer I don’t know how I could come off as scene unless original beatnik style is coming back.
    Great site though, you may insult some of my long time acquaintances, but I’d be lying if I said they weren’t asking for it. in fact you give them the attention they crave.

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