4 thoughts on “Another special page of hate mail”

  1. Stupid is no way to go through life. You, Normal Bob, are a genius for pointing out to your detractors that there is never anything attractive in faulty logic.

    Please keep up the good work. I smiled, so it was worth it. Stupidity can never have enough enemies, and we must, as intelligent adults, ensure that mental stultification is vigorously avoided. Thank you.

  2. If nobody ever mocked religions, there of course would have never been PROTESTants.

    As far as ads, if you let Google take care of it, your site would be full of ads for Christian books and Jesus products.

    Although….that is kind of funny.

  3. Holy Schniekies!

    Particularly funny are the ones that just come in and say, “well, um, you know that this site really hurts my Deeply Held Religious Feelings and offends my Deeply Held Faith, so could you pretty please take it down? Just because I asked you to?”

    You are so totally mean for ignoring the trigger phrases/concepts! Don’t know you that when someone talks about their Deeply Held Faith you’re not allowed to mock it or disagree with it, and when someone asks you to do something because of their Deeply Held Religoius Feelings, you’re not allowed to say no.

    What do they expect you to say? “Oh, my goodness, I had no idea that my website that is filled with atheistic snarkiness and outright blasphemy might possibly make a Christian (or other religioso) somewhere clutch at their pearls in abject horror and then cry themselves to sleep in despair! Now that I know my website hurts your precious religious feelings, of course I’ll take it down! And possibly give my heart to Jebus too, just to make up for traumatizing you so very much!”

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