Amazing Hate Mailers
Yes, there’s always more hate mail, and this page is all kinds of special! I swear they never cease to dazzle me with their levels of ignorance. Don’t know what I’m talking about? For instance, someone really said to me: “Why does the wind blow? ‘It’s the uneven heating of the earth’s atmosphere.’ – World Magazine. Are you kidding me?! It just blows!”
Where else are you going to hear it put so poetically? Only here, the Hate Mail section of
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3 thoughts on “Amazing Hate Mailers”

  1. Chill, Bob. “What Would Jesus Wear?” is incredibly lame. My solution is to draw a God is Fake T-shirt on the lad and be done with it. This you can do without buying the rival set: Scroll down, save the image, and print it out to let the fun begin.

    I suggest a special page on your site for this special mockery.

  2. Well it should be obvious as to how people who lived over 2000 years ago knew exactly how the flat earth and over 125 billion galaxies were made, “God spoke it all into existence!” in just six days too, although there was no one there to witness and record it all being made, we must rely on the inspired word of an ancient book.

    But then god regretted making a man and a woman so he flooded the entire earth to erase all evil, wickedness and sin, but somehow that plan failed too.

    Then god got tired of all the animal sacrifices for atonement of sins, so he decided he needed a human sacrifice to atone for all the sins that people commit.

    So after much contemplation,(after 4000 years of animal sacrifices), he did exactly what every heterosexual male would just love to do, impregnate a young virgin girl without any consequences, so now god is finally happy, especially now that a mob of insane imbeciles murdered his bastard son and he’s sitting beside him now in heaven.

    How the world was made and put together, it’s all laid out for us in plain English right there in the buybull!!

  3. ‘You don’t realize it now, but you’re setting yourself up for a future of disappointments without the tools to cope with them like an adult. ‘

    Oh my Christ I’m one of them!!!! =S

    I even tried pointing this out to my mother a while ago but the look of dawning horror on her face was too much for me to bear continuing the discussion… =

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