3 thoughts on “Union Square Amazing Strangers of Summer!”

  1. Yeah, we have’em here too. They just don’t know what to do, it’s so confusing. Do I make a fashion statement? Do I over dress? Under dress? How do I look cool and not call attention, or do I just go against the odds and blow out the newest fashion statement? Hell it’s hard being human, animals don’t have near the problems we humans do, they are just way too cool.

    Wait a minute, we are animals…duh!

  2. Why would anyone waste their money on tickets to the Barnum and Bailey Circus, when all they have to do is hang out at Union Square? It looks like a non-stop circus every day of the week.

    Those gravers…are you sure they’re gravers? They look more like an explosion in a Goodwill store. It’s like the employees said, “Okay, lets take all this shit nobody wants, dump it a big pile on top of a stack of dynamite, blow it up, and see what happens,” and these guys popped out. And how about the guy dressed all in pink? Where do you even go to find clothes like that? Are there shops specializing in suckwear? Must be the same place Polkadot Man shops.

  3. Good heavens that I don’t believe in. There are some real trainwrecks there. Love the ex-graver in the pink cargos, and the TJ Maxx theater nerd. Also double plus kudos on installment 5 of the peeper series. They do so mystify me….especially that part where the peeping ends prematurely, and there’s that 10 minute lag of staring into empty space. FTW?

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