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New Limited Collector’s Edition Jesus Dress Up!

The NEW Limited Collector’s Edition Jesus Dress Up fridge magnets!
As of yesterday production began on what I consider to be the greatest Jesus Dressup to date. So great is it I can’t actually show it on the site. I will not in any way be revealing the details of the Limited Collector’s Edition Jesus Dress Up here, but I can assure you it’s both amazing & extremely collectible!

For years I’ve been dreaming of making this exact set but was too concerned about certain issues to move forward. Then the economy went bust, a cold winter swept over the city, and I loudly stated, “Fuck it.”  I placed the order at the printer’s, received a prototype last weekend, it looked incredible, now it’s official.

This new set of Jesus Dress Up is also a toast to the booth I’ve reserved at the 2010 Comic Con NYC, October 8-10. It’s a perfect addition to what’s going to be an incredible three day event.

At no point will I reveal the identity of the Limited Collector’s Edition Jesus Dress Up on the site. If finding out the details of “The 7th Set” is a priority for you there are presently only 2 ways to do so.
1. Come see it face to face at Snakemonkey Studios, 202 Avenue A, NYC.
2. Or purchase it online then wait by your mailbox. My shipment has arrived as of 6/7/2010. All back-orders are being mailed off immediately.