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Feb. 16th, 2009

So, Skater Bob and I are at Starbucks, and while Bob is getting his coffee I overhear this asshole guy saying shit to one of the employees we know there. He’s saying, “I’ll have your job if you’re not careful! I’ll get you fired!”

The Starbucks guy walks away. Then a few minutes later I see the guy talking to the manager. I show Skater Bob, and Bob says “I’ll just got tell the manager he’s a drunk!”

The asshole’s friend hears Bob say this and goes and tells on us. That’s when I hit record on my camera. The video begins with the guy comin over to me saying “You wanna see drunk? You wanna see drunk!” In the video you see his buddy trying to signal to the asshole “No, it was him, the other guy,” because it was Skater Bob who who said the drunk remark.

The video pretty much tells the story from that point.

The one part that you don’t get to see because Bob’s holding the camera is right when the guy pours coffee on the lens Bob leaps up and throws his whole cup of coffee at the asshole. You can hear him screaming as he’s leaving, “Faggot faggot! What! What! Come outside! Come outside!” Coffee was dripping off his coat.

After that everyone is drying off and we tell the story all over again.
Later the manager came over and asked if we were all right. Then she gave us each 2 coupons for complimentary coffees. That’s 4 free coffees after throwing 1 cup of coffee across the room!