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Satan’s Salvation & the Wonder of Life

So, a long while back I had this idea for an offshoot comic of Satan’s Salvation. Something that could be an intermission of sorts, a break from the action when Satan’s Sal switched gears & changed topics. Anyhow, I’ve finally perfected and DIDN’T over think it (for once) and ended up with a segment I call “The Wonder Of Life.” Here’s 6 different episodes as they appear randomly throughout the series…
Wonder Of Life 1
Wonder Of Life 2
Wonder Of Life 3
Wonder Of Life 4
Wonder Of Life 5
Wonder Of Life 6

But after today you won’t be getting them all in a row like this. They’ll just interrupt Satan -n- Jesus every now and again between plot points. Which reminds me, if you haven’t been keeping up there’s been several more Satan’s Salvations posted since last we spoke too…