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New Sheeples!

I couldn’t be more happy presenting to you all with more Sheeples. Especially, most importantly, the Gary Amirault Sheeple, which I fucking nailed! And there’s more on the way. I’m on a roll! Have fun with these ones now, and maybe someone out there could make sure Gary gets his? He seems to care a lot about what’s going on over here when it includes him.

ary’s response: “Actually, Bob, I don’t love to find myself positioned beneath your throne from which your flailing hands throw crap on anything that doesn’t smell like yourself. It doesn’t feel good to me. It doesn’t feel good to the thousands you’ve done it to. And if you have the revelation to step outside of yourself and watch what you are doing and allow that “self” to throw that same crap at yourself and get a real present day feel for what it feels like, you just might stop doing it.

Hurt people hurt people. Loved people love people. (whether religious, spiritual or not.)

I hope and pray that God sends enough loved people who love people to you that the hurt person in you can stop hurting people in the senseless insane way that you do. Why don’t you slowly read “Watching the Thinker.” And see if you can look little deeper into yourself and see how your site reflects what’s going on there. You might decide life is too short to end it this way. You might have a “revelation” an “inspiration” that will give you something decent to do with the few years you have left under the sun.”

Bob: “You’re just too much fun too tease. You take it like such a proper straight-man; Humorless, easily bewildered and you keep coming back for more. Three big pages of Gary is more than enough for now.”

Gary: “Three big pages is enough for now, except that Normalbob reserves the right to throw the crap on forever and ever and manipulate and twist the conversation to his own devious dishonest delight. Yes, I am a “straight man.” I’m not the kind of comedian that trashes people for fun. Hollywood, vegas, NY thrive on that.

The world needs straight people. People who love to get laughs at the expense of others need straight people. People who like to make fun of others to prop themselves up need those who will take your abuse. Standards of righteousness, decency, honesty are straight up and down. They are not funny.

The Cross was raised straight up and down. The Man hung on it straight up and down. They flung the kind of words we find your web site flooded with thrown at him. He replied, “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”  A proper straight-man, humorless, easily bewildered at man’s depravity and he keeps coming back for more….until you are healed and come to a right mind and heart. Learn the value straight, Bob.”