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Bukowski & New Stores

Charles Bukowski

I’m extremely happy to announce several new stores that now display Jesus Dressup on their shelves.
• Cemetery Pulp / Las Vegas
Scarce / Massachusetts
Esoterica Occult Goods / New Orleans
Are you in one of these fine cities? I encourage you to seek them out and fulfill your dark weirdo needs!
If you yourself know of a dark weirdo store ripe to consider JDU themselves, please contact me with their name & city. I’ll ask them permission to send samples, then if your suggestion places an order, I’ll send you a set of your choosing for free! My search for places demented enough to risk their eternal souls for my silly magnetic dressup game is never-ending.

Also, here’s my latest drawing, and that’s all I can muster for another month. Thank you for your patience.