Pray for Pigeons book review

“I really liked it. I felt like I knew him! I didn’t care for the parts with cursing, but that’s how he talks and it wouldn’t be him if it wasn’t there!” My Aunt Marylyn

A fact worth mentioning before I begin this review is that I do indeed miss NYC and my time at Union Square. I’ve made some peace with this yearn telling myself it’s those times there that I miss. Going back wouldn’t be the same. I was different then. It’s all different now. And it’s pretty much impossible for me to consider returning in any real way at the moment. This is what got me to finally read Shaggy’s book after many months of it sitting here on my desk waiting for my attention. 

I’m happy to say Pray for Pigeons sucked me in and kept me enthralled throughout. I never realized how much Shaggy kept from me in regards to how difficult life got for him during the time we were hanging out. He’s not one to share that kind of info, even with close friends. For instance, he begins Chapter 1 telling about his mother, whom he lived with at the time, and her death. That happened when we’d hanging out together regularly for a few years, and it wasn’t until months after her death he told me about it. 

 “Bob, my mom died a few months ago. I didn’t tell you about it because this was the one place I could escape to and not have to think about it.”

“I loved it! I think it’s great you got to be friends with someone like this while you were in NYC.” My dad

That, for the most part, is the reason I think he’s not likely to share these sorts of personal details most of the time. But the book tells it all. The depression, hopelessness, and the degree of unpleasantness he was actually living in before, during and after we met each other at Union Square back in 2002. There’s also hilarious stories about so much of the trouble he’s gotten himself into over the years in NYC & NJ. For me it’s impossible to read it and not hear it in Shaggy’s voice. If you’re unfamiliar, you gotta watch “$100 Chill w/Shaggy” @SkateJawn. Skate Jawn mag gives him $100 to spend on the street of NYC and you get a ride-along tour of a day in the life of Shaggy.

This book is his best work yet and well worth the 15 bucks. Even my dad and aunt loved it!
If you want a copy for yourself, mail $15 cash (he specifically told me CASH) to:

Bob Crawford
300 West 57th Street
NY, NY 10019