Portraits of Union Square

This week’s addition to Amazing Strangers is dedicated to some of the month’s best portraits. There are so many photo-moments at the square. I get so caught up in video all the time, I forget the magic a single shot offers. I hope I can illustrate to you what I’m talking about in this latest page of Amazing Strangers.


2 thoughts on “Portraits of Union Square”

  1. I don’t understand how Juggalos can dress up that way in public and not be embarrassed. Do you think they’ll still be doing that when they’re elderly? Like, will we one day see old folks’ homes filled with wrinkled old wheelchair-bound geezers in bad clown makeup and comically stripey pants?

    Might as well enjoy the Heroin Chic girl while you can. I’ll be mighty surprised if she looks half that good in another couple of summers.

    Pacifier Boy is rockin’ not only a pacifier, but a beaded wrist band with Invader Zim on it and a stuffed panda bear on his neck. I think he’s having some maturity issues.

  2. Alright Bob,
    Just a bit of information for you. I think I know where the pacifier thing came from – here in the UK people use them at raves (well used to), as when your on MDMA/Ecstasy, you can have jaw problems where your jaw just does all sorts, isn’t the most attractive! Having a pacifier in your mouth hinders this a bit.
    A lot of the ravers would have them, but not in the street, only when on Ecstasy and it serves a purpose. I guess that bit of information has been lost over the pond and people think it’s a fashion statement!

    Much love from England

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