Pulling the Plug

So Skater Bob and I are hangin’ out at Union Square trying to enjoy the beautiful day while there’s not only an obnoxious Christian band playing in the center of the park, but their god-awful power generator is behind us booming like 20 broken lawnmowers. That’s when Skater Bob had this genius idea…..

And if you’re interested in pulling the plug on this band they’ll be at Union Square again next week – Sunday Nov. 2nd, 2008. See for yourself, it’s just as much fun as it looks.


4 thoughts on “Pulling the Plug”

  1. Bob,
    I have been coming to your website for a while now. I enjoy it completely. That was AWESOME!

    The commercial could go like this:

    SkaterBob: Is that xtian rock?
    NormalBob: Yup.
    SkaterBob: Well then unplug that shit!

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