NEW Supreme Deities Jesus Dressup!
If you’ve been wondering what the hell I’ve been working on these last couple weeks, this is part of it – The NEW Super Deities Jesus DressupAre you absolutely positive about which deity died for your sins? Why risk it? Now you can dressup Jesus as any your favorite deities and make sure. Or mix and match and create the ultimate supreme deity! There’s no better way to guarantee your spot in heaven.

An never fear. There’s hate mail, Amazing Strangers, and more on the way right away.


3 thoughts on “NEW Supreme Deities Jesus Dressup!”

  1. The only reason is because I filled up the space with so many fun others. When push came to shove, the Egyptian ones bored me more than the ones I posted. Which one’s would you like to see done (preferably depicting them on Jesus using only clothes (no masks if possible). I can make room.

  2. Oh my gods I forgot all about posting this!

    I love to see Anubis die for my sins. That would need a mask though, so Osiris would be awesome too.

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