Jesus Dressup is beating out Wikipedia!

Type in “Jesus” into Google and guess who’s not only 2, but also beating out Wikipedia! Yes, I really am this easy to please! Does that mean people care more about my dressup than the actual definition of Jesus? I realize that there’s no controllable logic or understandable sense to the decisions makes on a daily basis, but this one makes my day.

That all said, lemme also trumpet the visit to Kentucky I’m making in a couple weeks! Boy am I excited to go there, and they’re excited as hell to be hosting me that weekend! I’ve never been to KY so I have very little idea of what to expect when I get there. I do know that I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get a tattoo at Electric Devil Tat (the place that’s hosting me), and I have to admit I’m only partially decided on what I’m getting, and where. I’ll let you all know afterwards.

Anyhow, I just wanted to let you all know I’m here still, I just haven’t felt like blogging anything until now. Google Jesus. I love when this happens.