Free Rubs not no more a Creep, and his subsequent arrest

Boy with Free Hugs sign
Jeremy with his Free Hugs sign

Consider this a warning: Girls who don’t want to hug Free Rubs are liable to get on his bad side. Just a few days ago he was arrested for throwing a can of soda at a woman’s face for refusing him. One time I was with a girl who denied his hug, so he walked over to the garbage can, got cup, filled it with water and came marching back to hurl it in her face. Luckily I knew what he was going to do (he’d done this before) and was able to thwart his attack.

What people don’t understand is he doesn’t comprehend what he’s doing. It’s all gut reaction, reacting to what he thinks is disrespect. After my cup-o-water incident with him he thought the reason I stopped him was because I didn’t want to get splashed with the water that would’ve bounced off her face.

Anyhow, this video was shot a day before the above arrest. And no, you’re not misreading that look in his eyes. If the girl doesn’t want to hug him she’d better be a Germaphobe, or Free Rubs is gonna get angry. And you don’t want an angry Rubs!