Amazing Strangers YouTube doesn’t want you to see!
So, due to the lack of filming opportunities in this heat wave I’ve decided to make page 120 a tribute to all the videos which got my YouTube account flagged, and eventually terminated, by the powers that be. This is a raw, uncensored tour of each and every video YouTube does not think you should see! Prepare to be shocked!


3 thoughts on “Amazing Strangers YouTube doesn’t want you to see!”

  1. The main link is broken Bob. The little ‘page 120’ link in the text works though.

  2. Bob, youtube is full of shit and hypocrisy. this is the site that showed a horse fucking some man up the ass. i still get queasy thinking of that. if it weren’t for people like you, we’d all be thoughtless veggies drooling on the keyboard and trying to find something on youtube or (hmmm at the last).

  3. Hi Bob,
    I would love to see Skater Bob stand behind the front row peepers with a sign that say’s something like, “Hey ladies, this guy is looking up your dress!” with an arrow pointing to the guy. :o)


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