Amazing Strangers, a Dog Molester EXCLUSIVE!!

Ever since the first mention of The Dog Molester on Amazing Strangers there’ve been doubters and nay-sayers accusing me of having an over active imagination, even completely making it up. But I knoew the day would come, and my determination and his obsession would pay off to bring you the video you’ve all been craving. And yesterday was the day!

There’s also pretty girls, peepers, guidos, krumpers and dreamers. A fantastically full page of Amazing Strangers.


2 thoughts on “Amazing Strangers, a Dog Molester EXCLUSIVE!!”

  1. bwahahahhahaha that video had me falling off my bed laughing. The madness of Amazing Strangers never stops, and fortunately neither does your coverage of it.

  2. Damn, I can see why you’re in love with your Funny Valentine, Bob. Better ask her for a date before some other lucky guy grabs her! Ah, hell, she’s probably already got a dozen guys after her, anyway, so just forget it. You’d only be disappointed.

    Go after Horizontal Stripes Girl, instead.

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