in the game of Crisis
  Before you sit down to a game of Crisis, you need to meet Mr. X. Mr. X is a bad luck magnet. One minute everything is cool, then... BAM!
Then, to pay his hospital bills he could be forced to commit a crime.

As Mr. X you'll find that this guy somehow always manages to pull through.


Despite the small paychecks, the tragedies and just the plain 'ol stupidity, Mr. X takes it and takes it...and takes it.


He takes it like a whining, pouting, little crybaby. "Dignity" is not in his vocabulary. Mr. X would weasel his own grandmother to get out of a jam.
And when Mr. X falls, he'll take anyone he can down with him.

So prepare your self for an out of control, runaway freight train game of real life. 'Cause you're tied to the tracks baby.

Introducing Crisis

The Life and Times of Mr. X

The Making of Crisis 2000

The Hain Brothers

Crisis at GEN CON

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