When Rick and I first thought of Crisis, when it was just a twinkle in our eye, we had just one mission: To make people happy. We were either going to do it through interpretive dance or through a board game. Then when Rick twisted his ankle in a bizarre latch-hook mishap, the decision was clear.

Within months Crisis was no longer just an idea, it had become a fully funtional, doodle on a gutted paper bag. At the time, I was drawing a comic strip of a little guy by the name of Mr. X. He would be perfect for the lead role in this game of misfortune. It was all coming together. Crisis wasn't the first name we came up with. We were kicking around names like "Reputation", "Life 2", "The Adventures of Luke Starfighter" and "Chicky Rub The Final Frontier". The name Crisis came about only after we had found out that "Chicky Rub" wasn't what we thought it was.

We knew there'd be opposition to our rebellious beatnik attitude, cocky right wing humor and squirrely dispositions, but we strove ever forward. Gen Con 92 was our first introduction to the dark, underground gamer society, and we weren't greeted with open arms to say the least. They were suspicious of our old-school gaming ways. No computerized modules or fantasy role-play, just four playing pieces on a start square and a six-sided dice. But honestly, as soon as the introduction of the game was heard: "You get kicked out of the house by your parents..." the disciples of Crisis gathered to hear our message of love.

Now 6 years and 4 Gen Cons (1992, 96, 97 & 98) later Crisis has not only found it's nitch but it has found a future. Thanks to Rob Lightburn of GAMeBIT Crisis will be reborn. November is the month that will see Crisis' new cover, board and play. We'll see what happens from there.

1998 was a good year for the Hain Brothers. Hangin' out with the big league and hot, sexy Vegas-style action. What a way to wrap it up at Gen Con. Full of surprises, Rick and I never know what to expect from the convention. Will Cachuru ever be elected? Is this the year Lenord NeMoy shows? Will there ever be a Speed Stick Deoderant booth?

Now if you haven't dicovered already I haven't mentioned Gen Con 1998 very much. That's 'cause The Hain Brothers spent the entire convention in a booth. This year we were lucky enough to be facing the urinals, so eventually everyone passed by (even if most were in a hurry). So I'll wrap this up by saying most people who are heading towards restrooms are disinterested in Crisis...however a majority of people exiting restrooms are excited and relieved to see our booth and it's lifetime of offerings.

Robert Hain
The Hain Brothers

Even Scott Thompson (The Kids in the Hall) stopped
by to pick up a copy and meet the Hain Brothers.


©1998 Hain Bros.

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