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Murat Alemdar Threats of Death

Right now I’m overjoyed to say that my detractors put in the extra effort and squeezed in one last death threat before page 400! So come on in and enjoy the party Murat Alemdar’s throwin’ in honor of his god, Allah!

The Sensational Rants of Murat Alemdar

“I killl you!!!!”

Your motherfuckers. i?m a moslem and i fuck you bitch !! mother fucker !!! motherfucker!!

you assshole… JESUS!! haahha fuck ami and also fuck france !!!

I killl you !!!!

France = ASS-

england/America= HOLE!!

Murat Alemdar

Subject: Holy Muhammad engraved camel pie!

I haven’t seen this much bellyaching since 6th grade when little Sally Chesterfield got her pigtails pulled by Smartypants Melvin McGrift!Sally peed her panties that disastrous Friday afternoon and got sent home early. Are you gonna pee your panties, Murat? How many more yanks on your pigtails is it gonna take to get you sent home with a face covered in tears, and pee pee all over your flowery dress?

You seem ripe and at the ready. I’m guessing, it’s not gonna take more than 2 yanks.Put your money on it, Sally!


“allahim ben eyer bir kiafir sem benim Jesami burda bile ver ameeeen!!”

Subject: hahahahahahahahaahaha

I say just one : listen me : the God would you (the christs and jewul) do in his hell. wait !!! here for you!! : allahim ben eyer bir kiafir sem benim Jesami burda bile ver ameeeen!! do you know what you say? haha you say : Please God, i?m a christ.Do me in your scary hell !!!!!!!


Murat Alemdar

I’m beginning to get a clearer picture of you now. I’m betting I could convince you I was a magical wizard with nothing more than a Zippo lighter, a handful of Pop Rocks and a couple basic card tricks. In fact, let me inform you right now, your Amazing Prophet Muhammad appeared before me last night weeping at my feet, begging me to be his new slave master because, according to Muhammad: “Allah is a sissy coward who runs & hides when people dare him to send them to hell!”Naturally I accepted Muhammad’s pathetic pleas and even had a special dog collar made up for him of used condoms strung together by sewer rat intestines and tied to a shiny new penny with his name engraved on it!He still needs to be potty trained. I give him a sharp tap on the nose with my finger every time he piddles in the house, but he’ll learn eventually because “Muhammad’s such a gooooood boy!! Aren’t you a good boy, my Prophet Muhammad! Oh yes you are! Yes you are!”Muhammad: “ARF ARF ARF!!!”

So now, in an odd turn of events you, Murat, bow to me.

It’s funny how much a particular outlook on the world can change in just one afternoon, huh?

Thank you, and all the Muslims for your continued support,

Bob, “The New Allah”

“You will catch it from god (Allah)”

I think it?s not ok, what you do? I?m a moslem and you are don?t right to caricature about my religion? do you understand me??

You will catch it from god(Allah)

make yourself scarce!!!!!

Murat Alemdar

And you threaten to murder strangers over the internet in defense of your god.I suppose we simply have to agree to disagree and share together this piece of cake we call “life.”A great wisdom has been unearthed here this week.Bob

No Mohammad Dressup Hate Mail?

Normal Bob & schoolgirls
Nicole Consentino, Normal Bob and Trisha Star

Today is my last day in Chicago before I go back home to NYC tomorrow morning, and I had an unbelievable time here with my brothers and their families, and a couple friends who I got to see. In fact, I got to spend some time with my friend Super Chic Trisha Star, and we discussed quite seriously the idea of a Normal Bob Smith tour. A party which, in 2007, would be hosted by me, organized by her, that would have several random dates and locations across the USA. She throws parties. That’s what she does for a living! And now that I’m touring more with the movie to Universities and film festivals, the door has been opened for such a project. So get your plaid skirts and party horns ready.

Hey, you wanna know how much hate mail has gotten since I posted it over a month ago? Care to venture a guess? 40 letters? 100 letters? 1,000 letters? How about this… to give you a hint, Jesus Dress Up to date has brought in roughly 7,000 email complaints since I first posted it 6 years ago. Now are you ready to guess? Okay, here’s the answer: Muhammad Dress Up has brought in, *one last tally* okay, exactly ZERO hate letters! Not one! And here people were telling me to live the remainder of my short-ass life in hiding! Christians trumpeting the unbridled lunacy of Muslims, counting the days to when my head is no longer attached to my shoulders! Hate mailers daring me to tempt the itchy guillotine-switch-finger of America’s Muslim community! And I have yet to receive even one “you suck.”

I’m ashamed of myself for even humoring the idea of a threat at all. And anyone who’s out there promoting the idea that we should succumb to the “terror” we’ve dreamt up ourselves should be set straight. We seriously don’t even realize how programed we all are to be Chicken Littles at the drop of a doodle. That said, I suggest sending me no more emails telling me how gutsy I am for posting the site, or how proud you are of me for putting my life on the line for the cause. I just might dedicate pg 300 to fans who seem to be fantasizing about me being the first artist beheaded for a drawing.

That said, isn’t it fun having Satan’s Salvation back? And the Prophet Muhammad lends himself so wonderfully to it. I can’t wait to illustrate the next 10 episodes I’ve written when I get back. I love that comic so much.

Also, today my Wikipedia article became official, losing its “Up for deletion” title. I totally appreciate being deemed notable. I’m still a sucker for any sort of recognition at all. I mean, I love guys like Dawkins and Harris, but they totally trump anything I’m doing, ten-fold. But I still have dreams of changing that to 7-fold, or 3-fold, or maybe even no folds at all in the coming years.