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Normal Bob Smith Store holiday shopping updates!

I wanted to give everybody an update on the store page since holiday shopping is on the move.

After so much of a wait for production, the GOD IS FAKE money stamps are HERE and being shipped out immediately! If you’ve already ordered your set(s) rest assured they’re in the mail and will be in your hands in just a few days. They’re also available with stamp pads, and I have to admit they’re looking really f***in’ sharp!

Also, there’s still time to order Jesus Dressup magnets in time for his birthday celebration! All orders of 2 or more sets are being shipped out 2 Day Priority Mail (others are sent out 3 day). And even if you’re in another country orders of 2 or more sets are sent out Priority which, I’ve been told even overseas, will get them to you in under 7 days. So its not too late to put the X in your Xmas!

Right now shirts are running low. If you order a shirt there’s the slightest chance I could email you back with news it’s sold out and your money refunded. But don’t let that discourage you. I’ll get back to you right away with news if it’s bad.

All I’m looking to do is make sure your Christmas is a Jesus-themed one the only way I know how, so as always, the Christmas Jesus Dressups are still only $10. Your continued support is unbelievably appreciated, for  shoppers and those of you that’ve put to use the new Donate button on the lower right. Thank you!

Cry to Boycott Toys R Us for selling Jesus Dressup!

Sept 9th – Dec 1st,  2008 Spanish & French press

Boycot Toys R Us symbol

So the story goes like this: I plant Jesus Dress Up on the shelves of Toy-R-Us in Times Square (Sept 9th, 08) as described in the sidebar on page 382 of Hate Mail. After my exit, a Spaniard on vacation with his family walks into that Toys-R-Us, sees the magnets, can’t find anyone to assist him with his complaint, so when he returns to Spain he phones 1-800-ToysRUs and gets the brush off: “We sell all types of products” [elConfidential]. Sooo he takes it to the internet, campaigning against the toy store.

Le Figaro Newspaper
Le Figaro News prints “Boycot Toys R Us for selling Jesus Dressup” article

Someone doesn’t do their research and Le Figaro News cries “Boycott!”

Gossip spreads faster than fact, and before you know it the internet’s steaming with rumors, trumping it up to the Hitler\KKK version & speculation that Toys-R-Us is sidestepping the controversy with the excuse: “some individual operated on his own!” [] even though “the product was perfectly identified with bar code and price!” [Padre Rayito]

Final Justice Jesus Dressup fridge magnets
Final Justice Jesus Dressup fridge magnets ($14) include notorious villains like Hitler, John Wayne Gacy & The Hamburgler

“we want to arm a crusade to show their management that they cannot make fun of the Church of Christ and its members when disguising Jesus Christ as Hitler, of flamenco dancer, a Teletubbie, Ku Klux Klan, Bin Laden, a prisoner, gorilla…”

Note that I only left Original Jesus Dressup magnets at their stores, but the Padre found my site, and leaped on the most extreme ones to mention in his blog. Anyhow, the matter and the magnets have all been turned over to their legal department [] –

“Our contact in the United States found an Internet site on which a person admits to having introduced this item during a few minutes in the store in New York City, and this without the knowledge of Toys R’ Us, with an obvious aim to harm our reputation. Once the article discovered by our teams, it immediately was withdrawn and preserved for the investigation to come. You will understand that we are strongly affected by the gesture of this person. The Legal department of our Group currently studies the legal remedy to implement and we’re currently taking the necessary measures so that does not happen again.”

This, once again, was another untrue statement:  MOHAMMED DRESSUP FOR SALE IN TOYS R US >>