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How about a Personalized Dressup this Christmas?

Christmas is almost here, which means now’s the time for me to put out the DRESS UP YOUR LOVED ONES personal dressup game offer!

Having trouble thinking of something original, fun, useful and outrageous to get for someone you care about this Christmas? Well, nothing’s more off-the-wall than a personalized dress up game! And coincidentally they’re my specialty.

In the past I’ve done dressup games for girl’s boyfriends, people’s bosses, husbands & wives, even super discount ones just for fun! Does your father-in-law have a superhero he’s always wanted to be dressed up as? Do you have a girlfriend whose only chance of getting that $1,200 D&G purse is to have it drawn on a cartoon image of her? Well then, I’m the guy to call.

Email me and I’d be delighted to hear exactly what you had in mind and give you a reasonable quote.

Make it the best Christmas EVER!!!


Normal Bob available for freelance hire!

As you may or may not already know I am a freelance artist. I have an extensive portfolio, reasonable prices, and really no limit, morally, to what I’m willing to draw for money. Right now, as you’ll see by my Availability Thermostat the schedule is open. So if you’ve had a project you’ve been thinking you might want to run by me but you assumed I’m way to busy for that, well, I’m not.

Check out my freelance portfolio and let me know what you have in mind. I’m a talented artist and designer and I can offer up any amount of input and design services you might need for whatever it is you’re planning. So let me know!

Feb. 10th, 2009

I’m sure you’ve been wondering what side project I’ve been working on that’s made site updates so few and far between lately. I’ve been assigned to a bulk of the labor on the The Quarter Guy’s site, working with him and a small crew on the “One Million Quarters in just One Month” project. And not surprisingly it’s turned out to be an even bigger task than expected. We’re both starting to think we may have gotten in way over our heads, which has accounted for all the high drama in front of the lens. But there’s no backing out now. Watch the video, then visit the site for details on how you can take part in the challenge.

One Million Quarters in just One Month