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Dali -pen & ink
Dali -pen & ink

If it’s not depression, I’m sittin’ on the edge of that cliff. I knew when I moved here 6 years ago that any hopes of having local friends, relationships or a social life of any kind were over. A 50+ single, childless, god-mocking Gen-Xer caring for his elderly parents in conservative-Bible-land during a pandemic has an extremely predictable plotline. I get it. And I don’t see any way others can help me through either. I don’t need an ear listening to my complaints. I know people love and care for me. Over here, men with these issues are on their own. And for the love of god, please stop suggesting I try joining a singles dating site. The suggestion itself is more painful than actually writing a bio for one. Thank you. I get it. But no.

I’ve also recently noticed that I’m audibly sighing now, regularly. Involuntary deep breaths followed by sad painful exhales. I try to divert it by turning it into talking to the dog, or myself, or singing to the radio. It’s a pathetic scene here, man. I’m pretty sure I’m able to keep it quiet enough when I’m out, but alone in my car it’s sickening! This fear of being a single man free of love from here on out has haunted me my whole life. And worse yet, it’s looking to be a self-fulfilling prophesy.
God, I’m  lonely.

Book Nook Java Shop, Whitehall MI
Book Nook Java Shop, Whitehall MI

So ANY-HOW, I’m handling this situation the only way I know. The only way I’ve ever known. I gather up my pencils, pens, sketchbook and my +3.00 reading glasses and head to a coffee shop and draw until they tell me to leave. Point my nose at a page and induce the only kind of focus capable of   blocking out the endless loop of all these thoughts through my simple mind.

Kimberly Vlaminck, Belguim
Kimberly Vlaminck, Belguim

Outside of this drawing-focus I’m completely scattered. I can hardly organize my thoughts enough to explain myself here even. And in the end it’s most likely a waste of time to do so anyhow since everyone’s going through their own version of this right now. Everyone’s yearning for help, answers, relief, care, love.
Jesus Christ.

Art on display at both Book NookDrip Drop Drink, Michigan.

There’s no other news to share.

As always, your interest is greatly appreciated.

Oh. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.


Trapped in my Head Xmas Specials

crucifieddevilv2I ain’t gonna lie. I’m starving for human interaction, and public settings, and human interactions in public settings. The potential for human interaction in public settings is where I relax and concentrate best. Sitting in coffee shops with my sketchbook is how this used to happen. I’ve also discovered that sitting alone in a room with my brain being the only thing telling me what I can and cannot do isn’t cuttin’ it. My brain, it seems, has been molded specifically to know exactly what to say to discourage creativity and confidence in myself. It’s only been other people that’re able to counter these voices. But that’s where we are right now. So to celebrate this fun fact of my brain’s self-destructive goals from now until Xmas every order going out gets extras, because fuck it.

Amber 2020
Amber 2020

Whether it’s just one postcard, or all 6 Jesus Dressups for $66! In an effort to spread even more smiles across the globe during this stupid pandemic I’m giving freebies of my choosing to all who buy stuff. My hope is that some sorta magic karma or some-shit’ll come back at me and we’ll all have a Merry Christmas!

1. Original JDU 4. BDSM JDU
2. Halloween JDU 5. Star Wars JDU
3. Final Justice JDU 6. Batman JDU
All 6 for $66!

I’ve got an illustrated poem book and signed art prints, which btw, if there’s any piece of my art anywhere you’d like signed and hanging on your wall I’ll supply it. I have an entire store of stuff I’d love to send you all. Please consider this!

David Lynch framed at Drip DropWhen I can FINALLY go out to draw to build my confidence again you can go see it on the walls of the Drip Drop Drink Cafe in Muskegon. I have this new David Lynch piece hanging there on display (with several others) that you hafta see! But until then I suppose I just need to fortify my patience more.

Thank you for your concern.

I’m Still Here!

Jesus Dressup crownhanger logoI’ve gotten enough inquiries lately about whether or not I still sell the Jesus magnets, or how I’m doin, or when I’ll be back at Union Square that I should probably give an update no matter how uneventful. Compared to everyone else this year, I’m fine out here in the middle of nowhere-Michigan away from all the rest of the world’s drama. And no offense, but not being in the city has its benefits too. So yes, I do indeed still have magnets for sale!
I have 6 different versions of Jesus Dressup available:
1. Original JDU
2. Halloween JDU
3. Final Justice JDU
5. Star Wars JDU
6. Batman JDU
You can get All 6 for $66!
 have all kinds of different stuff for sale besides those, so it’s worth taking a tour of my store to see what I’m talkin about.

Timbo Boot Pulley Demo 2020
Timbo Boot Pulley Demo 2020

I’ve just been drawing. Practicing my pen & ink skills atm. I drew this beautiful picture just the other day, for example. So don’t be worrying about me. I don’t presently have any plans to go to NYC, or anywhere for that matter. By spring maybe I’ll have something different to say regarding all that. But between you and me, 2020 has done quite a number on the business and the stores I do business with across the U.S. I’ve only had TWO stores order magnets for their shelves this year! Only 2. So I really really hope that 2021 has better news waiting for us all in this dept as well.

So again, I’m here, I got magnets, and I’m feeling generous, including little extras in people’s orders. Try me! I appreciate your business and audience to how little I’ve got to show here lately. Thank you for all that.

My SoulHouzz Interview

crucifieddevilv2You may have noticed it’s been a couple months since I’ve updated anything at all. I know I’m not the only one suffering the effects of what’s all going on with the state of affairs right now. Stores have stopped ordering magnets, online sales have dropped dramatically, and having my NYC art showing cancelled was a difficult pill to swallow. On the personal end of things, my social life already adds up to a big fat zero. Now, with social distancing in full effect out here in the middle of nowhere the loneliness and lack of love is tenfold. Soooo you can bet I was more than excited to have an opportunity to talk with a couple friends on their podcast!

August 2020 SoulHouzz interview w/NormalBob
August 2020 SoulHouzz interview w/NormalBob

Here is the interview with Sari & Alissa on SoulHouzz. We discuss the Pray For Satan exhibit, how I lost my faith, some of my adventures in NYC as Satan, and going to see The Passion Of The Christ. This isn’t going to be the last interview I do with them either. This is part one of a two part discussion.

Renata Gold 2020
Renata Gold 2020

Lastly, I haven’t felt creative or able to find the will to draw since this pandemic began however many months ago. Only in the last week have I been sketching again, trying to find hope. I’ve  turned down art jobs because I just could not do it. It’s hard to explain. I get in my own head, over-think everything, then escape every evening at 4:20, if you get my drift. That, my friends, is the pattern of my quarantined day. Is there a way you can maybe help me out of this funk?  Help me promote this interview, or the Jesus magnets, or the art exhibit! Share them on social media with your friends or anywhere! I want very badly to get the ball rolling on life again, but lately I’ve felt completely inept at doing so.
Thank you for reading this all the way to the end. You’re my favs.