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They’re Here! – The New BDSM JDU 2022

I am so extremely relieved and delighted today announcing the successful arrival and absolute perfection of the new BDSM Jesus Dressup! They arrived yesterday after a long 5 month wait (blame the pandemic). In the past it used to take 2-3 months from the initial order, across the Pacific, then across the country to my doorstep. Despite the longer timeline, and the increase in shipping cost, they’re still very affordable.

They also look better than ever. This go around I wasted no space in the design. All the text that used to be at the bottom of every set, that’s gone forevermore. In addition the die technology has advanced enough to butt the cut right up to the art, and all of the separate pieces squeezed closer to each other on the page. This makes way more space for way more items. Not to mention the art and colors are just so so pretty. I’m such a proud daddy.

But these aren’t the only reasons I’m so over-the-top.
This order was a test. I was testing to see if I for sure had a new supplier who could deliver. Now I know the answer is yes. As a result I have 2 more sets already in production and expected this summer. And what this means is, I am back in business! You just wait to see what I’ve got comin’ next. 


2022 so far

First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, Yes, the BDSM magnets are still on their way. And Yes, I had a wonderful little show at Drip Drop December. And also Yes, winter has hit here, big time!

So about that Jesus magnet shipment.
I know some of you are waiting for your new BDSM JDUs to arrive from China. The good news is they’ve made it across the Pacific to San Diego safety. The not so good news is that traveling them across the states to Michigan isn’t as simple as it used to be. It didn’t help matters any that a few days ago we had the biggest snowstorm here anyone has seen in a long time! Easily more than a foot of snow. My broker’s on the project, but their arrival date is still undetermined. If you’re waiting for an order but you’re getting impatient, contact me. I’ll be happy to handle the situation best I can. Short of that, I just ask that you hang on. Could be weeks, but they’ll get here. I swear to God!

Anthony Bourdain SOLD

Last month I had a sweet little art show gathering at Drip Drop Drink, and even though I have no pictures to share, it was fun. I’m probably stretching it saying a dozen or so people showed up, but they were the best of all people! And that week I sold several of those Anthony Bourdain’s! I’d frame one, hang it on their wall, and it’d sell. Then I’d hang another to replace it, and the next day, SOLD! I sold 5 of those in a two week span. In fact, as I’m writing this Book Nook messaged me, another has SOLD! I also sold that Kurt Cobain at the art show to a very special person too.

I truly prefer selling the framed pieces (compared to just prints). I’m so particular on how my pieces get framed and displayed. I have a very distinct idea of how they should look, and I just hate those cheap black plastic poster frames most people get. And I’ll be offended if I see my stuff hung in a dirty room. BUT ANYHOW, I had a happy holidays, and now I’m just trying to work through a few more of these issues to get 2022 thoroughly underway. Thank you for your patience.

The Days B4 Xmas!

We’re finally in December, and there’s two BIG things happening this month for which I’m extremely excited. 

Anthony Bourdain @ Drip Drop

1. On the 15th, ten days before Christmas, at the coffeeshop I visit most, Drip Drop Drink is hosting the “Anything But Normal” Normal Bob Art Show!
From 5pm to whenever I’ll be there to make excuses for everything I’ve hung. There’ll be drink, snacks, lots of my art, and probably a very delightful snowfall view out their front window to make it a truly festive event. I’d love to see you there.

2. Then on the 23rd, two days before Christmas, my shipment of BDSM JDUs is scheduled to arrive at my front door! I’m soooooo looking forward to 2022, because by summer I’ll have 3 totally new Jesus Dressups!

There’s your update! Attend the show, and order magnets (if you’re willing to wait a couple weeks for the BDSMs).

Thanks & Giving

Anthony Bourdain pen & ink

Here we are near the ending of another year, and I’m happy to say that the wheels are in motion once again. I have magnets being produced, new art on display, and even a new pamphlet I’ve been leaving on toilet tanks around town. I also have an art show you’re all invited to attend if you’re nearby.

I cannot lie. All I can draw lately are men. Muscle men mostly, but I’ve also recently completed this Anthony Bourdain pen & ink with which I’m quite pleased. It’s already hanging in two spots (three if you count my house), and the original’s already claimed. It’s the first time I really dove into the crosshatching, and I’m delighted with the results. It’s opened up a new door to conveying an expression I’d not yet grasped with other styles I’m used to. You can see for yourself.


However that does not mean I’m still not fully expressing myself in other ways drawing men. Truth is there’s always been an awfully suspicious lack of male figure models popping up in my art, and that’s gotta change.  I mean, what’s more inspiring than the unbelievably beautiful muscular physique of the humongous Timbo? Atm, for me, nothing. So let me draw more!

As I’d mentioned before, there’s new JDUs on the way!
I was just about to run out of BDSM JDUs, so those are the first ones I expect (hopefully middle of next month)! Once those arrive there’s two more a-comin’ whose identities will remain untold until they’re in hand. Obviously I’ll keep everyone posted.

I’ve gotten several requests to make the GOD BLAMES US pamphlet available for you. It’s the pamphlet I’ve been leavin’ around these parts of town for awhile now. So I’ve added a pdf download to the others, and it can be found here.

Finally, yes you heard me right. I’m going to be having a show at the Drip Drop Drink in downtown Muskegon December 15th, 5pm – ? w/framed art prints on display & sale. Or just come for the drinks.
And I think that’s it. You’re up to date. Now let me get back to my man-drawings.